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Rat and Mouse Poison

There are three main types of rat and mouse poison that we see:

Anticoagulant poison
- this poison causes pets to not be able to clot their blood.  Symptoms can include:
  • Bruising anywhere on the body, including along the white parts of the eyes
  • Bleeding from the nose or teeth or a cut that won't stop bleeding
  • Coughing bloody specks or sputum or urinating blood
Cholecalciferol poison
- this type of poison can cause kidney failure. Symptoms can include:
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased urinations
  • Decreased appetite and/or vomiting
Bromethalin poison
- this type of poison can neurologic problems. Symptoms can include:
  • Hyperactivity, tremors 
  • Rear leg weakness or paralysis 
  • Seizures 
     Unfortunately, "prevention" is the BEST way to deal with rat and mouse poison.  
Be aware of what you have around the house, and what your neighbors or landlord, etc use for rodent control.  
These poisons are made to taste good - that's why the rats and mice eat them.  
Dogs will often eat the poison directly, while cats (and some dogs) will get anticoagulant rat poison when they eat rats or mice that have already been exposed to the poison.  
Blood tests are often needed to determine whether treatment is needed for either of these poisons.  

 All 3 types of poison can be deadly! 
 If you have any reason to suspect that your pet has eaten either type of poison,
Call US immediately
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